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Michael Turk Co.

Hampton Handloomed Bamboo Turkish Towel

Hampton Handloomed Bamboo Turkish Towel

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The hand-loomed Belgian Peştemal Towel by Michael Turk combines luxury and practicality in one amazing and luxurious textile. The Belgian is truly unique with the outside constructed from the world famous Buldan Turkish Cotton and the backside in the bamboo fibers. The "zigzag" method of weaving is utilized on 50% Turkish Cotton and 50% bamboo blend. This towel has a soft to the touch feel, fast drying and ultra-absorbent performance with the bacteria resistant bamboo fibers. Beautifully Earth-friendly, light-weight, compact with easy to care for instructions make it great for everyday use. This Pestemal has been stonewashed to give it an unparalleled softness. Our peştemals are handmade in Turkey. Available in an array of bold colors.


Size: 64" long by 36" wide. Machine washable.

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